Workplace Ergonomics

A core element in EMMA-CC is the ergonomic assessment. Five Fraunhofer institutes cooperate in this work package. The purpose of the ergonomic evaluation is the interpretation of the biomechanical simulation in terms of workload.

The objective is to design work executable, endurable, reasonable and healthy. Therefore physical and cognitive workload has to be limited according to traditional ergonomics. For that purpose, human factors knowledge exists, which is the foundation of an evaluation following the widespread red-yellow-green schematic.

Evaluation tool for the physical strain of the digital human model

The EMMA-CC ergonomic assessment is, however, the first ergonomic assessment system to address also the problem of physical underload. It takes latest results of health research into account. An increasing number of studies show evidence, that physical underload is a risk factor for many diseases. EMMA-CC follows a bandwidth model, which targets as a physical load workload within a healthy bandwidth.

EMMA-CC implements its assessment method in a modular way. It applies to simulation data as well as to measured motions, postures and physiological measurements in situ at the workplace.