Virtual Reality

In subproject Virtual Reality of the EMMA-CC project, new Virtual Reality interaction techniques were developed to improve the handling of the Digital Human Model IMMA. The goal was to reduce the complexity of handling Digital Human Models to make it more for small- and middle-sized enterprises to perform ergonomic analysis with Digital Human Models.

Users' hands and fingers are project into the intuitive to use Virtual Reality Environment. This allows users to grab easily virtual objects with the physical hands. The grasping works one- and two handed with nine different grip types. Subsequent it is possible to move freely objects in the virtual space and to place it at the desired position. These interactions (grasping, moving, objectpath) are recorded and used as input for the IMMA software. Due to this intuitive Virtual Reality interaction, no further user inputs are necessary to persue an ergonomic analysis.

Due to this innovation with the intuitive Virtual Reality user interface, no more costly trainings and courses are necessary to use Digital Human Models in early phases of the product development process.

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Grapsing of a virtual object