Hybrid Parallelization

The subproject Hybrid Parallelization (HP) focusses on new methods to significantly accelerate time-intensive algorithms. The project partners FCC, ITWM and IPA together with IGD, who is leading the subproject, especially put a focus on the acceleration of simulations of 3D muscle models, biomechanical multi body systems and the coupling in between them.

The goal of the subproject HP is to significantly reduce the computation times of biomechanical simulations up to real time – in an ideal case. The acceleration we are aiming at should be achieved by model simplification and specialized techniques for parallel computing on multi-core CPU and many core GPU architectures.

Therefore, we analyze numerical methods w.r.t. the capability of parallelization and optimize the algorithms for an efficient execution on parallel ar-chitectures. The optimized methods contribute to other sub projects in EMMA-CC, in order to increase the efficiency of ergonomic assessment for work places.

Real-time capable 3D finite element model of a muscle
Real-time capable 3D finite element model of a muscle