Subprojects and Partners


Digital Human Modeling

Digital Human Modeling offers fundamental tools. We evaluate dynamical movements with the help of validated simulation ergonomically.


Biomechanics and Optimal Control

We determine realistic physical strain on a digital human model with the help of biomechanical multibody simulations.


Virtual Reality

The digital human model is instructed in a Virtual Reality environment to manipulate a virtual scene.


Hybrid Parallelization

The subproject Hybrid Parallelization (HP) focusses on new methods to significantly accelerate time-intensive algorithms.


Biomechanical 3D-Muscle Modeling

We are developing 3D computational skeletal muscle models to predict the motion of an arm upon the stimulation of skeletal muscles.


Cognitive Control Models

The subproject Cognitive Control Models extends the digital human model (DHM) IMMA by cognitive decision-making.


Workplace Ergonomics

By including strength, the speed of movements and the use of muscles the ergonomic assessment is calculated.